Welcome to a Multimedia Gallery by the 15-16 year-old students in Mr. Burell's grade 9 World Literature class at Korea International School. This is their final project for the year. The assignment? Hold a mirror up to humanity at its darkest today, and hold a lamp up to enlighten it as well. Comments are welcome.

The Yahoo Project: A Mirror and a Lamp for Human Yahoos

"My reconcilement to the YAHOO kind in general might not be so difficult, if they would be content with those vices and follies only which nature has entitled them to. I am not in the least provoked at the sight of a lawyer, a pickpocket, a colonel, a fool, a lord, a gamester, a politician, a whoremonger, a physician, an evidence, a suborner, an attorney, a traitor, or the like; this is all according to the due course of things: but when I behold a lump of deformity and diseases, both in body and mind, smitten with pride, it immediately breaks all the measures of my patience; neither shall I be ever able to comprehend how such an animal, and such a vice, could tally together...."

--Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels, final page.

Hall of Fame Student Productions:
"The Tree of Life," by Jessica Y.

"Fallen Youth" by Lynn H.

"Knitting Lives" by Lauren L.

"Today is Tomorrow" by Gihoon S.

"My Dying Half," by Sarah O. and Clara K.

"Caging a Potential" by Chai Young L. and Sunghoon H.

"Dark Secrets of Glittering Pebbles," by Stephanie Y.

"Kids Aren't Alright" by Wonseok C, Daniel N, and Julia R.

"Gems vs. Liquid," by Jiyeon H.

Teacher: Clay Burell